As can be imagined, with the primary information coming from the Clubs involved in a given incident, and without information from all sides, a certain degree of bias in the story presented is inevitable. Indeed one of the greatest difficulties that has beset the authors has been, not the scarcity of material, but the wealth of so-called facts, often entirely contradictory in nature, which exist about many of the races. Conversely, very little has ever been written about the women's races, and the CUBC and/or CUWBC do not have complete records of the names of Head Crews. The authors appreciate that the information presented in some sections does not cover these matters in the detail initially sought.

The authors are indebted to those individuals and Colleges that have allowed them to use information in preparing the printed book and CD-ROM. Whilst as much information as possible has been included on the CD-ROM, they are very much aware that the contents are far from complete. Readers with any additional information are strongly encouraged to contact the authors at the following address:

It is hoped that the publication of this book and CD-ROM will inspire others and bring to light more contemporary accounts of racing. All such details submitted will be presented in a future edition of the book and CD-ROM to give a more complete and accurate historical record of the Bumps.

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