George Gilbert
Based in London, England

Release date:
October 2020 (Early Access)
Early 2021 (Full Release)

Windows PC
Nintendo Switch
XBox One



Welcome to the unexplored Realms of Dragoris. Part hunter, part trader, Monstermongers capture creatures and sell them to wealthy dungeon keepers to help them stock their lairs. Compete against others for scarce resources to build an army to capture them. Decide which monsters you want to sell, and which you want to add to your team to help capture stronger ones. Whoever gets the most gold wins.

Inspired by engine-building Euro-style board games, at the heart of Monstermonger is strategic choice. Sell what you capture to bank your gold now, or invest to gain more gold later? It's a careful balance, but one you'll need to master. Sell too much and you won't be strong enough to capture the monsters that fetch the highest prices - sell too little and your opponent will surely beat you...

Available now on Steam


Monstermonger is a strategic fantasy Digital Board Game. It plays similarly to award-winning real-life board games like "Splendor" and "Jaipur".

You collect resources (recruit villagers) which allow you to collect more resources (capture monsters), and build up a hand that can sell resources for victory points (gold) which determine the winner. The strategy and tactics are all in deciding which resources of what type to get, when to get them, and then deciding how and when to convert them into your winnings.

As with all good strategy games, the mechanics are straightforward. Learning how to apply them to outsmart your opponent is where the enjoyment and challenge lies!


  • Quick to learn, hard to master.
  • Compete in a solo campaign & freeplay, or local & online multiplayer.
  • Capture over 250 monsters across 8 fantasy realms
  • Outwit varied AI with different strategies to beat.
  • Gain ranks to become the ultimate Monstermonger!


Monstermonger Early Access Trailer YouTube

Monstermonger Early Access Gameplay YouTube


Download all images and logos as .zip file (16MB)
Monstermonger - The Jungle Ruins 
Monstermonger - The Abandoned Cave 
Monstermonger - Abilities 
Monstermonger - Achievements 
Monstermonger - The Forgotten Crypt 
Monstermonger - The Ancient Swamp 
Monstermonger - Tutorial 
Monstermonger - Campaign Start 


Monstermonger - Logo
Monstermonger - Logo

About George Gilbert

George Gilbert is an Indie developer with 35 years experience in the software industry. He first started coding on a ZX81 and has written a number of fan-made games including the acclaimed Dungeon Master clone "Return To Chaos". After a 20 year break from gaming, working in the software telecommunications industry, he was inspired by the consumerisation of Virtual Reality to make his first original game - RuneSage. Having been bitten by the bug of writing games again, he now returns with his first turn-based strategy game - Monstermonger.

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Review copies are available via Woovit and Keymailer

Monstermonger is available now in Early Access on Steam

Coming soon on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Linux

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