"The Bumps" includes an integrated CD-ROM, provided as an accompaniment to the printed book. As well as the complete contents of the book you will be able to find a vast array of additional information that, for reasons of space and ease of reference, the authors were unable to include in the book itself.

Principally the CD-ROM contains the complete notes on the events that were considered to be, at least at the time, important in each year of racing. Additionally we have included all the bumps charts for the November, Lent and May races from the first race in 1827 to the present as well as the results of the bumping races held in fours, pairs and single sculls. For those that have rowed Head of the River, crew lists are also included. With such a wealth of information the CD-ROM is not designed to be read 'cover to cover', and as such extensive searching facilities for both the text and the bumps charts are included. For those that are unfamiliar to Bumps Racing there is an introduction to the sport and maps, photographs and videos showing how and where the races are held.

"The Bumps" CD-ROM is designed to run on all Windows versions from Windows 95 onwards.

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